Silvio Balestra was born on December 3rd 1969 in Trieste ( Italy) , where he presently lives and works.

The expression of his art is given by using photography and computer graphics. In the last years, he devoted himself to the conceptual photographic research of abstraction by mythicizing the concept of light in a black & white context where every shape "really visible" disappeared.

As concerns the graphics, he created the "Microsoft® Excel® drawing" . These are digital graphic works but the peculiarity is that they are realized by using a spreadsheet data processing application i.e. Excel® by Microsoft®, and not the standard graphic programs.

His works have been displayed in many group and solo exhibitions, art fairs in Italy and abroad.

In December 2009 he had a solo exhibition in Montreal, Canada .

In 2010 and 2011, he won several Awards thanks to photography and graphics.

An important magazine in the USA assigned him for two years running a Merit Award and published his works.

In February 2011 he has been awarded with the Art Gallery Exhibitors' Prize at "Artistinmostra - Parma Fair 2011" with photography and gained a merit note in the Art critics prize. In July 2011, he has been selected to attend the Art Award 2011 offered by Mondadori Art Magazine. His works have been displayed at the De Nittis foundation in Barletta ( Italy).

On the occasion of the 54° Biennale of Art in Venice managed by Professor Vittorio Sgarbi he has been invited to attend Turin Expo Italian Pavilon.

In May 2012 his works have been selected as " MIA fair proposals " In March 2013, the Museum" Chiostro del Bramante" in Rome will be hosting the personal exhibition of the artist from Trieste, edited by Professor Faccenda. This personal exhibition will be displaying 80 photographic works which run throughout his career.

Many art critics and journalists wrote about him.
His works have been published on national and international art magazines.

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